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GreenSTEM designs + products by Mary Van Dyke for GreenSTEM

Here following are some GreenSTEM designs + products
and the link to the Cool Tools Reviewreviews and links to suppliers of a dozen tools 
that I use with students in school garden projects.

~ Browse and enjoy. Thank you!












NOTE: I do not yet sell my GreenSTEM designs + products online. 
If you are interested in purchasing any GreenSTEM designs + products please contact me.

1.0 Butterflies and Flowers Postcards and Notecards
1.1 Roses
1.2 Poppy
1.3 Tiger Swallowtail
1.4 Great Spangled Fritillary on Common Milkweed

Postcard with envelope $2 each
Folded notecard with envelope $2.50 each


2.0 Pages
2.1 Pollinator Game Cards: Bee Cartoons (4 on a sheet, 1 sheet)

Gray, B+W laserprint on 7 mm thick TerraSlate waterproof treeless paper
Size 8.5 x 11 inches

2.2 Nutrition Cards: Sweet Potato (4 on a sheet, 2 different sheets)

Color laserprint on 7 mm thick TerraSlate waterproof treeless paper
Size 8.5 x 11 inches

3. GreenSTEM Merchandise
3.1 Large tote bag
White polyester with orange straps, terracotta lily logo on front pocket
Size 17.5 w x 12 h inches
$30 no minimum order

3.2 Small tote bag 
Classic cream cotton, with terracotta lily logo on front and terracotta Grow Play Learn, gray www.greenstem.us and gray lily logo on reverse
Size 13 w x 13 h x 2.5 inches
$6 - $20 depending on quantity, no minimum order 

3.3 T-shirts
$15 for basic t-shirt, $20 for signature soft t-shirt

4.0 Signs and Labels for Schoolyards
11 x 7, 7 x 5 and 5 x 4 inches
Please contact me for available and custom designs and quotation
Large selection of garden bed signs
and labels for native plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables
Color laserprint on TerraSlate waterproof treeless paper (7 mm or 10 mm)

5.0 Pre-K to 5 Lesson Plans - FREE download and print. More soon!
1 grade, includes mini-book, coloring sheet, designs for garden sign and labels
FREE download and print. 

5 grade, includes care-book
FREE download and print. 

6. Coloring EE Sheets  - FREE download and print in B+W. More soon!
6.1 My Pinecone Coloring Sheet
Pre-K and up
FREE download and print. 

LINK to Cool Tools Review
tried and tested by Green STEM Learning

Purchase at your own risk. 
I have no financial interest in the companies selling these products listed in the 12 Cool Tools in Review section, apart from Green STEM Learning. I reserve the right to add and remove products. Links are to external vendors that are easy to find, and their featuring here no way implies that they are the only vendor, best, or the cheapest. Opinions expressed here are my own. Please contact me with comments.
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