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Values and Principles

Our Values

  • Commit to ethical standards and best practices

  • Approach all issues from a student-focus, teacher-focus and community-focus

  • Respect and support each individual person’s and our business growth

  • Embrace innovation and challenge

Our Principles

  • Work to ensure students thrive and enjoy outdoor learning

  • Pursue excellence and aim for high achievement

  • Promote diversity, collaborative teamwork, empathy and trust to achieve results

  • Conduct business, and provide services and products, based on assessment of site and community facts, data and direct observation

  • Act as a ‘global citizen’ with regard to ethics and integrity, while paying attention to individual and community culture and conventions

What Are Some Core Principles of Garden-Based Education?
In our garden-based education programs, we use and encourage guidelines and evidenced-based practices summarized succinctly by Nathan Larson in his downloadable ebook (2015) Teaching in Nature's Classroom - Core Principles of Garden-Based Education.

"...the practices discussed are just plain good teaching period and
are just as valuable to classroom teachers as non-formal educators."

Sam Ullery
School Garden Specialist, Division of Health & Wellness
Office of the State Superintendent of Education, DC