About Green STEM Learning

Green STEM Learning

  • creates programs that add unique value to a student’s career at school, and appreciation of place and ecology: to enrich both students lives and well-being, and contribute to the school community.
  • provides training, site-specific garden management, and problem-solving opportunities that enable teachers and students to enjoy going outdoors to learn.

Green STEM Learning is for you: administrators, teachers, volunteers, environmental educators, students, families and individuals who need to increase opportunities for youth to enjoy the health benefits of going outside.

Green STEM Learning is site-specific and enables students to go outside and learn in their own school environment to problem-solve and apply real-world solutions.

Green STEM Learning works with you and your community to find educational solutions that improve sustainability and ecological benefit.

Green STEM Learning delivers wonder-filled experiential learning engaging youth pre-K thru 8th grade.

Green STEM Learning offers classroom teachers and others training opportunities to address the challenges of teaching outdoors to provide enriched problem-solving green STEM programs.

Green STEM Learning and Mary Van Dyke can work with volunteers to host green events/celebrations.

Green STEM Learning consultant Mary Van Dyke has a track-record and expertise in managing schoolyard gardens for experiential learning, improved sustainability and increased opportunities for collaborative community programs.

"Make Green STEM Learning part of your EE Toolkit"