Freelance Writing

Need a report or blog? An article for the media, or garden signs?

Need a combination of text and images to convey your message to your audience?

Please contact if you are interested in a quotation for a project: from a one-page flyer to constructing a well-researched article or book in digital media or paper.

Mary Van Dyke has a wide portfolio including design and production of:

  • One-page flyers
  • Signs and labels in various media
  • Researched and illustrated reports
  • Blog articles

Mary has written pro-bono for several organizations, including Cooperative Extension and American Association of University Women.

Please contact me at to discuss your project and quotation.

"Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation yesterday. I've heard nothing but rave reviews. Everyone went away feeling as though they got a lot of new information, especially those of us who learned about QR Codes! The projects that you showed us really resonated and we have new respect for the appropriateness of making signs that don't need to last forever and are happy to have some idea about how to go about it. We are already thinking about signage for upcoming projects"

Lydia Barbour, President of National Capital Area Garden Clubs in response to Mary Van Dyke's presentation:

Talk to Me: Signs + Labels for National Capital Area Garden Clubs, and Environmental Consultants group at National Arboretum, October 19 2016