Vision and Mission


Green STEM Learning

  • aims to become an established provider of programs, trainings and an online resource presence;
  • prioritizes a philosophy of learning from the beauty in nature with emphasis on living well, mindfulness in action, and communication best practices for optimal community culture and cultivation;
  • continues to be a trusted resource and name as its brands expand.


Green STEM Learning

  • creates engaging* outdoor experiential place-based programs with unique value, that enable teachers and students to experience the joy and well-being of learning outdoors.
  • enriches people’s lives through our place-based outdoor learning activities, and to grow and develop our company in sync with society and ecology.

*Engaging means that each student is able to reflect on learning in the moment, and can later apply that knowledge gained.

What We Do

Green STEM Learning and Mary Van Dyke are both devoted to using tried and tested options, and to pioneering exciting new possibilities in learning outdoors.

In this information age: communication, information editing and processing, helps to generate our unique value and client demand for products, resources and services.

Green STEM Learning provides products, resources, trainings and educational services that are safe and environmentally conscious, and follow best management practices.

Green STEM Learning seeks to nurture good relationships with communities, organizations and individuals. Through our business we seek to contribute to the development of a better world, through understanding and realization.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are 100's of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."